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Concrete Acid Staining Miami

Concrete Staining with Acid Stains

When you want to do some concrete staining for your floors, you might want to consider acid staining. An acid stain is a solution of inorganic salts, water, and acid that reacts with the minerals found in concrete. And this reaction results in color. Acid stain is not a coating agent or a paint, it is a coloring process which involves a chemical reaction with the cement in the concrete.

Acid staining your concrete floors makes them more durable. The stained floor becomes resistant to spills and other problems, and maintenance becomes a lot easier. All you have to do to keep your stained concrete is wash it with soapy water and mop when needed. Acid staining does not only create a beautiful new look for your flooring, but can also help prevent allergy problems, compared to carpets which can become a breeding ground for dust, pet hair and other allergens.

Concrete staining is not difficult to do but since there is a great deal of variance among concrete conditions and types, you have to do it right in order to look good. Be sure that the stain you buy is an acid stain, and that you can carefully execute the steps in the right manner.

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When you decide to acid-stain your flooring, it is still recommended that you hire a professional. Your home is one of your most important investments, and you want only the best for it, especially your floors. Staining requires a lot of know-how but if you are one of those who want a challenge, and you want to do it yourself, then you might want to know the most common problems people encounter in acid staining. The usual problems are those areas where the stain does not react and where the stain color does not come out right.

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With some acid stain colors, you may not get the color that you see in liquid form once it has reacted with the concrete surface. Its true color may not be revealed until it has remained on the concrete for several hours. The color is going to be more intense on new concrete than on older ones. Also, acid stains are not paints, they are translucent and don’t come in a wide range of colors. They are limited to natural tones like tans, golden hues, and browns.

When the stain is not reacting on some areas, there might be things on the surface or in the pores of the concrete that are blocking the stain from reacting completely. Most people who do their own staining just pull up their carpets, do some floor sanding, and proceed to staining. The problem is that the carpet glues, paint, and chemical spills never completely go away. And unless you grind them down, they are going to prevent the chemical reaction from happening.

Acid Staining miami

When doing your own acid staining and you meet these problems, it might cost you more to have them fixed than when you hire professionals to do the concrete staining job in the first place.

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Concrete Floor Staining Miami

Easy DIY Concrete Floor Staining

If you find your concrete floor looking dull and boring, and you try to accentuate with rugs and carpets, then probably your concrete floor already needs a new look. One of the many ways you can give it a new look is through concrete floor staining. This procedure may be easy, however it involves using harmful chemicals such as hydrochloric acid. Because of this, you may consider hiring professionals who know how to properly stain floors instead.

But if you really sense you can do it, then here are the steps in staining your concrete floor:

However, if you believe that you can do this job on your own, then here is a step-by-step guide on how you stain your concrete floor:

● Remove all rugs, carpets and furniture that may be damaged during staining. Cover your walls to avoid them having stains.

● The next step is to thoroughly clean your floor. To completely remove the dust and dirt, use your vacuum cleaner. After vacuuming, you can wipe or mop the floor with a soap solution or commercially-available floor cleaners. Wait for your floor to dry up before proceeding to the next step.

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● After making sure that your floor is completely clean and dry, you can now start mixing the stain mixture. Make sure that you follow the directions provided by the staining solution. Do the mixing outside your house for good air circulation; staining solutions have hydrochloric acid that can be harmful when inhaled. You can use your garden sprayer to apply your stain on the floor. Always remember that acid should be added to water and not the other way around. After making sure that the sprayer is working properly, you can now start the staining procedure.

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● Start pumping the stain into your concrete floor. Make sure that you do it in even strokes and avoid creating puddles. Coat your floor evenly. Wait for the first stain coat to dry before applying another coat. You can spray as many coat as you want until you have reached your desired color and shade.

● After staining, it is advisable to seal your freshly stained floor. This is to add protection and to enhance your concrete floor’s finish. This procedure is just like staining, but easier. Instead of using a sprayer, you can use a paint roller made from synthetic fiber. Paint rollers made from cotton fibers will result to uneven application and streak formation. First, apply a thin coat of the sealer and wait for it to dry before applying another coat. You can have several coats, depending on your favored finish.

After the floor staining and sealing, you may also opt for floor polishing. Floor polish can add more luster and shine to your newly stained floor. Before you return your furniture back, make sure that the floor is completely dry. You may not need to put rugs and carpets on your floor.

If you are happy with your work, for sure you will be happier if the concrete floor staining is done by a professional. Hiring the professionals can give you time to relax and will give you a better floor staining job.

Acid Staining miami

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Concrete Floor Polishing Miami

Leave the Concrete Floor Polishing Job to Professionals

Concrete floors, because they are dull and gray, are often only found in stock rooms, and industrial buildings. But today, concrete floors can also be found in houses, condo units, and commercial buildings. These days, concrete floors are no longer boring because of the available technology. These types of floorings can now have different shade of colors and designs. Designs can be stamped on the floor and stains can be used to achieve the color shade you want. Also, concrete polishing can be done to make your floor have a mirror-like finish. However, if you can do floor cleaning by yourself, polishing requires a professional to do it.

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Polishing your concrete floor by yourself is simply impossible, unless you are a professional. Polishing concrete requires you to have expensive machineries that can grind through the surface of the concrete. These machines are expensive because they have diamonds that are used in grinding. Also, these machines are heavy duty and are difficult to operate. Aside from it is impractical to buy your own machines; DIY polishing requires you to have enough knowledge and experience about the task. So to save you the hassle and money of polishing your own floors, it is better to hire the services of experts. Lastly, because of the experience and skills of the professionals, even if you have the right machines, professionals can still polish your concrete floor better than you.

Polishing your concrete floor is necessary to bring back its original luster and shine. Heavy foot traffic can cause scratches on your floor. Aside from scratches, expect cracks on your floor too. These cracks can accumulate dust and dirt no matter how you vacuum your floor regularly. When you have your floor polished, the upper layer of the concrete is grinded and removed, revealing the new layer of concrete. This new layer no longer has cracks and scratches; it is also now shinier and mirror-like.

When you have your floor polished, you not only have a shiny floor, but there are also several advantages. Here are the benefits of polished floors:

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1. Less dust and dirt

Polished floors do not collect much dust because it no longer has cracks and pores. To clean your floor, you only need a vacuum cleaner and a damp mop. Lesser dirt and dust can also prevent asthma attacks, allergy reactions, and other respiratory problems.

2. No need to use wax

Polished floors are already shiny, making the usage of floor wax unnecessary. Polished floors retain their shine and luster for a long time. You can have a beautiful concrete floor without even waxing it.

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3. Saves electricity

You can save money on your electricity bill by simply having your concrete floor polished by a professional. Polished floors are shiny which enables them to make a room brighter and warmer. You can save electricity by using less lights and turning off your heater.

There are many advantages of having your floor polished, so it is just practical to hire the professionals. Concrete polishing is a job that you must leave to the professionals.

Acid Staining miami

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Concrete Cleaning Miami

The Relevance of Concrete Cleaning

The floor is the dirtiest part of a building. People in all walks of life step on it without thinking if it was properly cleaned or how it was done in the first place. If you are its owner, it is your sole responsibility to maintain the cleaning of your floors especially if it’s made of concrete. Indirectly, it is your duty to protect your clients by having a clean surroundings. Wider areas need a lot of concrete cleaning.

With the right maneuvering, you can lessen your time in concrete cleaning if you have the right mechanics. First, you need to do a thorough examination of your in-ground flooring. Cleaning the surface may be fine, but cleaning what is underneath the concrete floor is a plus. Termites are some of those bad elements underground that should be eliminated. Termites can topple down the whole building if they’re not totally eradicated. Therefore, get rid of them before it’s too late.

You need to have a dry ground under your concrete floor. A hard foundation of a concrete floor is very important so you need to check your pipeline to prevent underground leaks and seal any cracks with epoxy or glue. Clean the concrete floor by using a mechanical grinder to obtain consistent smoothness. All you need to do is follow the instructions carefully.

Further, you also need to determine the condition of the kind of concrete cleaning to be applied to obtain the best result. Interior concrete floor, concrete slabs and countertops need lighter cleaning or you may consider to buy detergents with stain-removal formula.

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To wider areas outside your home or outside the building, say, terraces, gate entrance or pathways, garage and/or drive-through, etc. you need to have a high-pressured water sprayer to remove all the dirt and unwanted pests present. This will also remove and wash out all the slippery detergents that you have applied in order to clean your concrete floor. It will also save you from any accidents such as sliding and gain a broken arm or legs.

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Concrete cleaning is not an easy task. It will drain you out and feel exhausted afterwards, so you may consider renting a water-pressure equipment for the blasting and wash off jobs. Observe how others do it or you may ask the technician on the right pressure and measurement of detergents to be applied. You can do the finishing by applying a wax polisher to achieve a fresh and clean concrete surface. You may consider applying a dye or maybe paint your countertops to eliminate the presence of stubborn stains. Never use strong toxic cleansers that could be hazardous to your health and the environment. As much as possible, use organic solution in cleaning to maintain a healthy and environmentally-friendly living.

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